A literary town

The south is such a good place to write a novel, as can be seen by all the famous writers who got their start or their finish here.

As Andrei Codrescu said in his book New Orleans, Mon Amour:

“No wonder great novelists come from the South. There is more room under the half-closed eyelids to observe the world at this pace. I’m not saying the South is slow, but I have certainly become slower since arriving here. I’m even thinking about sitting under that superb Spanish moss in my front yard, which also includes the Mississippi River, and writing a great novel called Light in August…”

Ann Rice's House...we think lol

New Orleans seems exceptionally good for this purpose. Some of my favorite novelists from Nola: Truman Capote, Kate Chopin, William Faulkner and Ann Rice. I know there are many, many others, but those are the ones I have actually read.

But as an art history minor I have to also throw Edgar Degas in there. In fact, the Degas House is on my checklist for things to visit before the summer is up.

I already spent a day with Wesley visiting different authors’ houses and found out that John Kennedy Toole lived right down the street from where we live!


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