Summer shows and places left to go

I’m very into rhyming in my post titles.

The summer is coming to a close and there are a few places on me and Wesley’s summer to-do that have been left undone.

My biggest regrets are not making it to the Degas House, The Prytania Theatre, the NO Museum of Art, Rock and Bowl, a swamp tour and/or a cooking class.

But things we did get to check off our list: The rum distillery, Creole Creamery, Freret Market, Faulkner House books, City Park sculpture garden, New Orleans botanical garden, the old Ursuline Convent, eating at El Gato Negro, the Abita Brewery, eating at Jacques-Imo’s and Little Tokyo Small Plates on Carrollton, and taking a self-guided tour of the homes of famous authors around town (like Anne Rice).

Not too shabby.

I just watched the first episode of “The Big C,” a show that is about a woman (Laura Linney) with terminal cancer living out her last year the way she wants – by choice. She refuses to try chemo or tell anyone about the diagnosis, but you just have to watch it to understand. It looks extremely good. I’m not sure when that pilot episode aired, but the season starts on Showtime this month and episodes are online (I think) at

Another show (that looked like it would be the type of television that would be associated with a fried twinkie – not a filet mignon dinner) I’ve been watching is “Bethany Getting Married?” It was seriously good. Bethany seems like a great person – or is at the very least an excellent actress – but she seemed pretty genuine. It may just because I love babies and weddings and that’s what the entire show was about, but Bethany also added a level of humor that I didn’t expect, and that kept me with the show (even though I had convinced myself before seeing it that it was going to be awful).

Some of my family is coming to visit on Saturday, so we’re going to head out to Oak Alley and have lunch and a tour (and maybe some ice cream!).

I’ve been trying to think of other fun things to do, but with the heat it will be difficult to do a lot of the things I love in the city (like walking around the Quarter, taking cemetery tours, etc.). Any suggestions? We’re looking for air conditioning and entertainment, but nothing that keeps you cooped up (without somewhere to smoke)…


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