The fight for the air conditioning

Before we even moved into this apartment, the previous tenant warned us that the bedroom air conditioner had “a little mold” and that we should request that they clean it. Of course, when we signed the lease we mentioned it and they assured us that the would certainly clean it.

Twelve months later, I have personally had to go in with a Q-Tip and cleaning supplies and clean it myself because it was SO nasty and it started making this awful screeching/tv static/broken car noise. But here’s the catch – for some reason, it would ONLY make that noise at night. It would start around 11 p.m. and end around 5 a.m. And of course we have no emergency maintenance number; this is New Orleans, after all. So after they sent someone out to look about five different times in one week and it wasn’t working fine and not making any strange noise, I guess they determined that we were making it up.

That was about three months ago.

The noise kind of comes and goes – happening on random nights of the week more and more frequently. We were living in fear every night not knowing if we would get to sleep in comfort. Finally, we bought ear plugs. But earlier this week, it got so loud that even earplugs wouldn’t work.

Luckily (I guess), it continued to make the noise into the late morning for the first time ever. So when I got home from work and it was still making the noise, I called the property owners and politely asked them to come “right now” so that they will hear what we’ve been calling about so much. (And believe me, I have personally called so many times that they know who I am when I call before I tell them my name and address and automatically route me to the big boss.)

Anyway, so I called. Thirty minutes later I called again – just to make sure they were coming that day. Thirty minutes later I called again to see if the boss wanted to listen to the noise over the phone so that he could hear what it sounded like and maybe know what was wrong. Five minutes later a repair man was at my house. He took one look and decided that (genius!) the AC was old and falling apart and extremely dirty. The noise was coming from the fan basically ripping apart the styrofoam backing of the machine.

So he promised to come back the next day (today) and bring us a different AC from the warehouse that was in slightly “better condition.”

But we have been lied to before and know not to get our hopes up when the property managers promise something.

But bless him, he pulled through! And when we got home today, we have a MUCH cleaner, metal-backed, better brand AC window unit!

He’s pretty much our hero and we danced to the Struttin that ass” remix in celebration.

Here are some comparison shots from our old AC when I was cleaning it out and our new AC with a flashlight shining down it. Enjoy our good fortune and be glad we (and Kitten) are no longer breathing in mold!

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One response to “The fight for the air conditioning

  1. angelmcc

    I am requesting a video of the strutting your stuff dancing, please and thank you.

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