Writing to you from my BlackBerry

Dark shot of my new BlackBerry Bold 9650 with backlit QWERTY keyboard

I got my BlackBerry earlier this week and I’m still practicing on the QWERTY keyboard – I’m even writing this on the phone right now. So far I love it!

I did a lot of research before choosing this phone, but I have wanted a BlackBerry for quite some time.

The downside to this phone was that I ordered it online from Verizon. This is the first time I have ordered online, but I did it because the rebate is automatic instead of having to mail stuff in. But anyone who knows me knows I’m seriously impatient. I ordered this phone on Friday night. I didn’t get it until Tuesday morning and there was a bunch of drama about someone being home to sign for it. Anyways, all-in-all unhappy experience.

My favorite features so far are the visual voicemail, email and calendar that I can sync with my Mac’s calendar. I also like the optical trackpad that has replaced the faulty trackball of old BlackBerry models.

The visual voicemail allows me to see a list of my voicemail messages, like text messages. It lists the person who called, the date and time, and allows me to play it, delete it or save it on the spot. Another cool feature: I can record voicemail messages and send them to any other Verizon customer without calling. So if I know someone’s busy, I can record a message and send it to their phone.

I l-o-v-e having all of my e-mail addresses synced to my phone so that I get my emails instantly without having to constantly check. I thought that the phone would make me be online a lot more and preoccupy me, but it actually makes me feel more connected without having to put too much effort into it.

Screen shot of visual voicemail

The calendar feature is cool too, but I wish it would wireless update the calendar. I have to plug the phone in to the computer to sync it, but it’s still convenient to not have to input things twice.

Calendar view of BlackBerry with Mac

I am totally hooked on this thing and I will never be able to live without a smart phone again.

You got me this time Verizon.

In my research, the main complaint against this phone was short battery life – with a few random comments from a crazy guy who said that he went through three of these phones with “extremely” crooked trackpads.

Because I read that, I can notice that my trackpad is very slightly crooked, but I would not had even noticed had I not been looking for it. It still works fine.

And I honestly don’t understand what everyone is complaining about with the battery. I charge mine for about an hour every day in the house/car/at work and it lasts easily throughout the day even with constant texting, e-mailing and surfing. I mean, with my old LG Dare, my battery would last at least three or four days without charging, but I mean, I wasn’t e-mailing and web surfing on that phone.

All-in-all: great phone and I’m so happy with it…so far.


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One response to “Writing to you from my BlackBerry

  1. michellestuckey

    I recently received an extremely negative, rude and egotistical comment on this post. For those of you who disagree with my review of this phone, that is fine but please do so in a respectable manner.
    I am new to BlackBerry, and perhaps I will find I don’t like it after all. But for now, I am very satisfied with my Verizon service and new BlackBerry phone.

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