Gator gathering

NOLA Gator Club at Bruno's to watch the UF/Miami(Ohio) game

Yesterday I went to my first NOLA Gator Club get-together to watch UF beat Miami (Ohio). I wish they would have beat that team by a lot more, but it was still a good time.

So many more people came out than we expected – almost 45!

We only had two tables reserved, but next week we’re going to get an entire back room to decorate for the Gators and a special drink called the “Gator Tail.”

It always astounds me that no matter where I am I see other Gators or people I know from UF. At the game viewing party, I even saw a guy I was knew from the dorms freshman year. Even in my traveling to other countries, I have never gone anywhere without hearing a “Go Gators.” I wonder if other universities are like this or if it is truly something unique to the Gator Nation.

The Gator Nation in Nola will be meeting every Saturday 30 minutes before kickoff at Bruno’s on Maple Street in Uptown.


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