I bet I can tell you where you got your shoes…

During our last four or five trips to the Quarter, Wesley and I have been approached by the same kind of guy who wants to shine our shoes.

If you do not accept, he informs you of his apparent psychic abilities and bets you that he can tell you where you got your shoes. He says if he loses, you get a free shoe shine. If he does guess, you buy a shoe shine for him.

We first experienced this on the Fourth of July while waiting for the fireworks.

The man approached us, offering us the bet. Wesley proceeded to argue (good-naturedly) with the man about how he got his shoes online and he’s not even sure where they came from, so how would this street man know? The man insisted and insisted that he did, in fact, know where they came from. Wesley persisted to tell the man that even if he guessed correctly, Wesley would not be able to confirm because he didn’t know where the shoes were from.

The whole time, I’m sitting next to Wesley waiting to hear what scam this guy is playing.

Long story short – the man eventually just blurted out (without Wesley every taking the bet): “You got your shoes on your feet!”

At this point, the man had spent about 8 minutes talking/arguing with Wesley and he was pretty proud of himself. He proceeded to bend down and squirt “shoe-shining gel” on the top of Wesley’s tennis shoe.

At which point, I held my hand out and informed him “Ummm we don’t have any money.”

He very quickly wiped the liquid off of Wesley’s shoe and abruptly walked away. Well, about two feet away to the next person to con.

After that, the phrase “someone already told us where we got our shoes” became commonplace on our Quarter excursions. And, as this blogger puts it, it’s getting really old.


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