New shirt

My second attempt at transforming clothes worked out better than the first one.

My mom had a sack of clothes that no longer fit her because she lost weight and I took a few nicer shirts to try to alter.

I posted my first attempt at these shirts last week. However after making two shirts into sleeveless, I was worried that was the only thing I knew how to do successfully.

So this time, I really wanted to keep the sleeves – especially since it’s fall and the temperatures are really dropping.

So I started out with this 18/20-sized short-sleeved shirt (I started to take the beads off before I remembered to take the picture – they originally went across the entire neckline):











First, I decided to take the beads off of the neckline. I like thick band necklines like this shirt has, and I felt like the beads were kind of making the shirt seem more heavy-duty than it needed to.

Beads taken off shirt

I ended up with a handful of pretty cool beads that I can use on some other creation.

Next, I knew I needed to take the sides in. When I did it, I just kept sewing to take the sleeves in simultaneously.

When I tried it on to see if it fit, I liked what I saw and ended up pretty much leaving it like that with only minor tweaking on the hem of the sleeves.

Here’s the final product:




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  1. Cynthia Bova

    Wow! The shirt looks great and you look beautiful! You are so crafty!! I’m inspired.

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