On the river…

Copyright: Rrik Beck

Steamboat Natchez

One thing I have always wanted to do in New Orleans is go on the Steamboat Natchez.

The first few times I visited, I couldn’t figure out where to get tickets or board the boat (I actually had the ferry location confused with the steamboat location).

When I finally did figure it out, I realized tickets to ride were about $45 without dinner – too expensive for me.

So when 504Ward sent out an e-mail about a $15 “brew cruise” on the steamboat, we jumped on it. The Abita Brews Cruise promised a two-hour cruise complete with finger food, beer tastings and a souvenir glass – all for a third of the normal steamboat cruise price.

While walking to the boat, we saw this truly odd spectacle that I have to share. It was hundreds of birds all flying around this one large tree in the Quarter.


View of downtown from the steamboat

We boarded our cruise on Thursday night and immediately got an excellent view of the city and our (somewhat small) souvenir glass. The finger food was great: meatballs, sausage, cheese and fruit. Throughout the ship, there were different tables set up for Abita Amber, Light, Pecan Harvest and Jockamo IPA.

We each had four tickets to fill our glasses, but we ended up getting five beers because a random passenger posed as a worker at one point and filled our glasses up without taking our ticket while the Abita person was away from the table. Later, the night was wrapping up and a nice Abita worker filled my cup even though I was out of tickets.

We got a great view of the city from the river and had a fun time staring at the big wooden wheel on the steamboat. They even had the engine room open so that you could walk around and see how it works. Despite a few near accidents involving meatballs covered in thick sauce and a huge gust of wind, we made it off the cruise without any accidents or injuries, so it was a success!

We then went home to find this:

Kitten bundled up in her little bed

How precious can she be? I always think she has reached her threshold and then she surprises me.


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