Stuffin’ our faces!

Today, Wesley and I went to the Po’Boy Festival on Oak Street in Uptown. One of the best parts about where we live is that we can walk to stuff like this.

There were about as many types of different po’boys as can be imagined. The best part was that we could get “samples,” which were about half of a po’boy for $2 or $3.


Pork cheek po'boy from Emeril's Delmonico

We tried the Confit Pork Cheek Po’Boy with Dirty Rice Aioli and Cole Slaw at the Emeril’s Delmonico booth. We tried a Thanksgiving dinner-themed po’boy that had turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce – it was amazing. We also had an extremely messy garlic-infused roast beef po’boy and fried crawfish balls – my favorite, they’re basically crawfish hush puppies. We finished the festival up with a Nutella and fresh strawberries crepe.


We also got to listen to some live music, including a group of Elvis impersonators that were fun.

Taking it back to Friday, I went to a new thrift shop – well, new for me. It’s called Red White and Blue Thrift Store in Harahan. I have made it a point in my new thrift shopping that I only go to stores that donate to charity. This store’s charity is the Vietnam Veterans of America. So I headed out there after work and it was amazing. There are aisles and aisles of clothes, shoes and accessories. The store is huge and there was so much to choose from at really great prices. I cannot rave about this store enough.

On Saturday I went and saw Morning Glory, a movie I was really excited about. It didn’t let me down – it was super cute and had a happy ending that I loved.

I wanted to wear one of my new thrifty shirts to the movie, so I yanked out this purple tuxedo/military looking one:

Two things I didn’t like about this shirt: the cuffed sleeves (they were too tight) and the tight, buttoned neck.

First things first, I finally got to rip out some shoulder pads!

Next, I decided to just take the bottom part of the sleeves off, making it short-sleeved, since it isn’t that cold outside yet here in Nola.

When I put it on, I left the top few buttons undone, including the huge gold collar button – but I still wasn’t totally satisfied. So I ended up taking the gold button off and I was a lot happier with it.

The final product:



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