Jalapeño cornbread

So tonight I was planning on making cornbread, but then I saw the jalapeños in the fridge and decided to spice it up a bit.

(Side note: We had the jalapeños as part of a plan to make these – check it at 27 seconds in!)

First, I chopped up the jalapeños.

Then, I decided to make corn bread muffins so I prepped the muffin pan and called my grandma to get some tips.

Tip No. 1: Do not use cupcake wrappers for cornbread.

Tip No. 2: Put 1 teaspoon of oil in each muffin cup so that the cornbread won’t stick. (I actually ended up using about 1/4 of a teaspoon in each — I like southern food, but my grandma’s real authentic and I didn’t want that much grease!)

I mixed it all up and poured it on in, following the package’s instructions.

And 15 minutes later: ta-da!


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