44 Days

Since four is my lucky number and today is 44 days until 2011, I decided to start thinking about my new year’s resolution. I know it’s pretty early, but I haven’t done too well in the past so I’m going to use the next six weeks to ingrain the resolution into my head so that I’m more committed.

It came to me pretty quickly, which is hopeful. I just sat down and that “What do I look back on with disappointment?”

A few things came to mind: I could have worked harder at my job sometimes, I could have tried to be a little less testy with Wesley, I could have loved Kitten more….just kidding on that last one!

But the one thought that kept popping up in my mind is that I feel like I have missed out on a lot.

I have definitely done a lot of new stuff in the last year, but I can remember a lot of times when I was invited to something or Wesley had an idea to try something new and I just didn’t want to do it, being the kind of person who is perfectly happy sitting at home all day Saturday.

A few things that came right to the top of the list were: going out on Bourbon, which we haven’t done at all since living here (a crime, right?), visiting some local attractions (like a lot of museums, parks and cool local stores) and going to things I’ve been invited to by people I don’t know really well.

Sometimes I feel the great need to have more girlfriends and I reach out trying to find someone to do something with. More often than not since living here, I have had to plan these girlfriend gatherings weeks in advance because everyone here seems so crazy busy. It’s virtually impossible to be the new friend and call an impromptu meeting. But this has also discouraged me from trying a lot too – I got shot down a few times for impromptu meetings so I just stopped asking and resigned myself to staying home and missing out.

Also, a few times some girls I don’t know really well have invited me to things and I decided not to go because I was (1) lazy and/or (2) afraid that I would be stuck without a way out if it turned out to suck. I’ve made a little progress on this lately, going to a new book club and a LSPCA fashion show that one friend modeled in. But still, I feel like I could be more involved.

Another thing is that often times Wesley will want to do something on a hot day like, say, walk up to the levee for funsies. Well, anyone who knows me knows that I’m not into exercise and heat. No sweating for me. But what would have been the big deal? I could have walked up there and gotten a little exercise in and then showered at home later. Another thing is museums, a few times I have just felt like doing something more loud or hands-on when Wesley has suggested going to museums, but then when we couldn’t find anything loud/more fun, we just didn’t do anything.

So, official new year’s resolution: When I feel like saying no to an invitation, say yes unless there is a really good reason not to. Also, put myself out there more and make a stronger effort to hang out with the friends I already have.

This may sound like a pretty easy resolution, but I know it will be hard for me. Sometimes, especially after a hard week or a particularly quickly-used paycheck, the laziness can completely take over and I just feel like sitting at home is both the smarter and the easier thing to do. And when I saw sometimes, I mean pretty much all of the time.

So, now to think this over for six weeks and convince myself I can do it…


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