It’s the most wonderful time of the year

It’s finally December and I’m on the ball this year with decor and shopping.

I ended up getting really into the swing of wintertime by catching my first sickness of the season. So while I sat around watching Netflix and alternately taking medicine and turning the heater on and off to control my fever, I tried to do something productive. So far, it’s been an entire day and I’ve watched three movies, put up one 100-light strand of Christmas lights and wrote and mailed almost all of my Christmas cards.

Pretty good for someone who is coughing every other minute and can barely breathe, right?

As far as my shopping, I had a less productive Black Friday trip than in years past, but still managed to clock in on some deals at Target and Old Navy – hello, $15 jeans!

One thing I was behind on is Cyber Monday – the online sales day following Black Friday. Somehow, I had never heard of it until this year. I did see a few good deals, but maybe now that I know about it I will be more prepared next year.

(Speaking of the Christmas spirit, does everyone have that local radio station that turns to 24-7 holiday music in December? The soft rock station here does it, and I know there is one in Pensacola too…)

I’m glad it’s finally that time of year when I can have the heater on instead of sweating to death every night; when I can comfortably hold a cup of hot chocolate. I can’t wait to (hopefully) get a little Christmas bonus, have some fun at the office party and head home for Christmas Eve, because there really is nothing better than Christmas Eve with my family!

Kitten’s also enjoying our retro gas heater – it’s basically an open flame and apparently she loves the heat.

Kitten enjoying herself just feet away from the heater (which is safer than how she usually enjoys it: sitting right next to it)


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