My Gators

In Arizona shortly after the Gators unexpectedly won the championship in 2006

My Gators are slowly but surely becoming the Gators and today was like a nail in the coffin.

Today, coach Urban Meyer announced that he will be leaving the university to spend more time with his family. This is after my favorite players: Percy Harvin, Brandon Spikes, Cornelius Ingram and Tim Tebow, all graduated out of the program and moved on to NFL careers.

The team today is not the team that I knew and loved to travel to National Championships and bowl games with during my time in the Fighting Gator Marching Band. And it looks like the road ahead could be even rockier than this season was, if that’s possible. Not only is the team losing an amazing coach, but they’ll have to replace him with someone who is yet-to-be-determined and now their star QB high school recruit seems to be questioning his commitment. Wesley says I’m dead wrong on this, but (half-jokingly) I would like to say that I believe this is all John Brantley’s fault. His performance was the single biggest disappointment for me this year.

Now, I knew this was coming. When you go to a college that wins four national titles in the four years you attend, there’s only one way to really go: down. My time at UF was the best four years in sports history for the school, and maybe for any school. I mean, come on – we were the first school ever to hold the college basketball and football national titles at the same time…and I was there when it happened! Urban made most of my best college memories happen. I’m starting to realize how people, like my dad, could remember coaches and players’ names decades after their careers or successes have passed. Those players and especially Urban Meyer will always be a part of my memories.

Urban and I started at UF the same year, and I think my entire class feels a real bond to him and a debt to him for making our four years absolutely amazing. He probably just doesn’t feel like UF is the same now that we’re all gone. I know I will not feel like UF is the same when he’s gone.


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