Parking lot nightmare

Today, I went to get some Christmas shopping done. As a last-second thought, I decided to swing by the Lakeside Mall to pick up something special for Wesley (that cannot be named because he may read this).

My trip to Lakeside Mall

I pulled into the mall parking area (the green arrow on the map) and straight into the Macy’s parking garage. I circled around a few times, then got completely jammed in a row of about six cars. I was in the front of the row, but the woman in front of me was holding everyone up because she had to have a certain spot. Unfortunately, she had already passed the point where she could turn into that spot and still allow the person to leave it first. So, of course, she believed it was the duty of the six cars behind her to back up, and she took charge by going in reverse first. She was inching towards my car and I, unable to back up, was holding up my hands and yelling “NO!”

When she continued to come within inches of my car, I finally rolled down the window, honked and screamed “Stop!” She proceeded to give me the finger and shout things at me that I could not hear because her windows were up. Then she just parked her car right there and made the poor person in her spot do a 16-point turn to get away.

After that, I realized that the parking garage made me feel like a caged animal and I feared for my car’s life. So, I decided to seek open parking.

I went out of the garage and through the mall’s parking lot to try to get to the other side. But while going through the mall’s inner workings, I quickly realized that it would take me hours to make it to the back of the mall that way, so I tried to edge out onto Severn Avenue. Finally made it to Severn, turned right and then (stupidly) turned right into the parking lot area again instead of waiting to get to 17th.

I waited again behind lines of cars waiting for specific spots. Amid flicked fingers and honking, I inched my way forward toward the mall’s back entrance (I didn’t want to go in through a department store).

While sitting at a stop sign for 10 minutes, I decided to google the store to see if I could figure out where in the mall it was. Well, I quickly found out that the store isn’t even in the Lakeside Mall.

So I re-routed myself toward 17th to try to get out to I-10. It was slow-going. Big surprise.

When I finally made it out to Causeway, I thought I was home-free. Then I saw the “lane closed ahead” sign. Suddenly, about six lanes of traffic (coming from my way, the mall and somewhere from the east) were converging into one lane. It took me about 15 minutes and lots of honking to get to the Causeway/Veterans intersection and I finally decided to take a chance and go back to Clearview to merge onto I-10.

In the end, I was in the mall parking lot area for 45-60 minutes and did not even go into the mall.


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