Worst drivers award

I am finally fed up with the  roads and drivers in Louisiana.

Stopped on the interstate...again. Notice the 0 mph and the I-10 signs.

Throughout the U.S., Louisiana has the worst drivers I have ever seen. One drop of rain and you can expect to go 30 mph on the speed limit. Construction? Forget about it – you’ll be backed up for hours.

And the dump trucks…get behind them and you can expect three cracks in your windshield like I got this morning on my way to work.

I can’t imagine how much worse the traffic would be if I was going with the flow of traffic instead of against it. In the morning as I head out-of-town, I can stare at the endless line of cars trying to drive into town to office in the CBD and Quarter. On the way home, I get to see the same thing in the opposite direction.

And this is all just the interstate I’ve been talking about. If you want to talk about the narrower-than-narrow neighborhood roads, I can tell you about all the fresh side swipes and broken side mirrors I’ve seen in my own neighborhood – including the huge scrapes of paint that were taken from my car in the night.

And the pot holes, oh the pot holes! So deep you could get a tire stuck in one, so wide you cannot avoid them.

Possible reasons I have found online for these horrible roads:

  • Many of the streets here were originally intended for horses and buggies.
  • The water table is so close to the surface that it’s impossible to re-pave the roads every time the pavement cracks.

One of the weirdest things I’ve seen since moving here is a huge truck, which looked similar to a cement truck (like this), driving down the road pouring gravel across it flatly to try to fill in any possible holes. Who thought that would be a good solution? Ridiculous.


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  1. Bummer about your car, post was funny though! Hope everything (windshield issues aside) is going well!!!

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