Culinary/beverage tour of New Orleans

This week my cousin came to town for her 21st birthday — pretty exciting stuff.

We set off on a drink tour, but ended up accidentally taking a food tour as well.

First night, we went to Jacques-Imo’s and had a few drinks at the bar with their alligator cheesecake that is ah-mazing. Then we walked over to the fro-yo place. I was pretty tired from a very long week, so we just went to Whole Foods, bought some champagne and a bunch of different cheeses and stayed in having a two-person dance party — don’t judge us lol.

The next day, we went to WINO for drinks and lunch and then headed to the French Market for some shopping. Afterwards, we went to see Black Swan (which was great, but a little scary and disturbing) and got some Louisiana Pizza Kitchen before heading out to Bourbon where beer, car bombs and hand grenades were consumed.

The next day, we got some breakfast at Camellia Grill before heading to the Abita Brewery on the northshore. Once we dropped Wesley back off at the house for a nap (loser!) we headed to my favorite second-hand store, the Red White and Blue Thrift Store. After that, we got some sushi at Sushi Brothers and called it a night.

The last day she was here, we went down to Magazine Street and got some lunch at Juan’s Flying Burrito and went to some antique/thrift shops. Then we drove around trying to find this treehouse — successfully, I might add. Finally, we headed to the City Park Sculpture Garden and got a king cake on the way home before she left.

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