Working out

One of my new year resolutions was to get in shape. I want to be a regular runner, but after the last few weeks I have realized that running alone may not be a good option for me.

First off, since I hate exercising I am very easily dissuaded from going by the smallest things, like clouds that make it look like it may rain, heat or cold. So on days like today, I did not run because it was very overcast and I didn’t want to get caught in rain. Another issue is that on weekdays, by the time I get home it is already getting dark and I do not feel comfortable being out in my neighborhood alone at night.

While I am still going to try to run during the day, I started looking into gyms again because I really want to start exercising on a regular basis. I looked at a few places before I found something amazing: I qualify as Wesley’s “family member” to get a discounted membership at Tulane’s amazing gym. It has group classes, a pool, racquetball rooms and an indoor track for when it’s too cold/hot/rainy. So now I will have no excuse not to exercise! The best part is that while most NOLA gyms I checked out were at least $40 per month, my family membership is less than $20 per month – something I can actually afford.

The friendliest cat on Tulane's campus

On a different note, when we were talking to the gym to sign up for my membership, Wesley and I saw the craziest cat. It was laying in the road and as a car was trying to get by. The car was honking and a crowd had gathering, yelling, stomping and pushing on the cat to try to get it to move. But the cat just kept laying there, so finally I went into the street and picked the cat up and took it to the side. This cat, was the most relaxed, clean outdoor cat I have ever seen. He was so chill. When I was trying to figure out what to do, a cop on a bike rode by and before I could say anything the cop said “So I see you’ve found the friendliest cat on campus!” Apparently the cat is one of a band of cats that lounges around campus and is taken care of by students and staff. In fact, there is a whole organization on campus called Campus Cats that looks out for them. Interesting…

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