Getting stuff done

Lately I’ve been having an issue coming up with creative titles, but I guess nothing super exciting is going on so I don’t have much to work with.

After the gym last Sunday, I was hurting something awful. My calves and abs were in extreme pain for about three days – the longest I have ever severely hurt after working out. Which I guess means it was a good workout. I guess I will go back on Sunday. On Monday, Wesley and I went to the gym’s pool and plays some water basketball and swam around. It was very fun, but also made me realize that I have no gone swimming in a pool since we moved here. If there is one thing that I really miss about the Florida lifestyle, it is always having an available pool. I don’t think there was a single apartment complex in Gainesville that didn’t have at least one pool, and man do I regret not taking advantage of that every day. But in my defense, the few times I went to our apartment’s pool I got bugs on me – and if you know me, you know how I feel about bugs.

In other news, my OCD got the best of me today at work and I decided to clean out this big filing cabinet that has been looming in front of my desk packed to the top with a bunch of crap that nobody has looked at in years. I went through it and completely cleaned it out and found pictures and documents dating all the way back to 1972. Yes, I said 1972. But the older pictures did provide for some laughs throughout the day, especially the 90s pictures of pogs and ugly clothes.

Kupcake Factory!!

After work, Wesley and I went to the Kupcake Factory – a huge mistake and great success. The cupcakes are so freaking amazing that I will never lose weight now. They have weird flavors – we got red velvet cake, strawberry fields, pumpkin spice, lemon raspberry, goin bananas and chocolate deluxe. Fabulous.

On a sadder note, I am not very up-to-date on the things that led up to the huge conflict in Egypt right now, but I was sad to hear that a journalist died today in the mayhem. This comes after reports earlier this week that reporters were arrested, taken prisoner and bullied off of the streets. One of the journalists interviewed by the Huffington Post said it right when he asked what the government was planning on doing to the public that they didn’t want reporters to see? I don’t know why the president won’t just step down – it’s not like he’s ruling very much right now. The majority of the Egyptian people are obviously against him. Last night on the Daily Show, Stewart asked an interesting question to his guest: is it America’s responsibility to go into Egypt and help the people rise against their suppressive government? Of course not. So why did we not follow the same policy in other middle eastern countries? Hm…

(On a separate note about John Stewart: I cannot believe that he allowed that Bieber kid on his show. Ugh.)


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