Checking out

Super classy Mardi Gras decor

I am officially checking out until after Mardi Gras. Our apartment is clean, the beer is bought, the friends are on their way and Kitten is ready to be adored.

In fact, I think Kitten is getting a little anxious – she’s acting all crazy today. When she’s not running around the house frantically hiding under the shower curtain or jumping on the desk, the little lactose-intolerant cat is stealing a sip of milk and throwing up everywhere.

I’ve never met a lactose intolerant cat before, but Kitten definitely is. My mother claims she fed Kitten milk every day during the year they lived together, but I just can’t believe it. The first time I gave Kitten milk when she was a baby, she threw it up within minutes. A few months ago, I have her a tiny piece of cheese (about the size of half of a pencil eraser). She proceeded to throw it up within 30 seconds and then to gag at least 10 more times that hour. Today, she got one lap of milk from a measuring cup and threw up all her food within 15 seconds.

Anyway, aside from Kitten’s craziness we are pretty ready for company. We cleaned the apartment up as much as we could – there are somethings, like water damage, discolored wood and crappy repair work, that just cannot be cleaned.

Mardi Gras-flavored ice cream!

We also went by Rouse’s this afternoon to pick up some last-minute king cake, beer, liquor and Mardi Gras stuff, like awesome Mardi Gras-flavored ice cream and super classy purple and yellow (and green) flower decor.


I’ll be back after the big day with plenty of pictures!

Happy Mardi Gras!


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