One-pool school

I recently joined the Tulane gym and was really excited to see that it had an outdoor pool with a little sunbathing area.

Since leaving Florida, I had not gone swimming in a pool at all and I really miss it. There are hardly any pools in New Orleans – the only ones I know of are at the Jewish Community Center and the YMCA, both of which are pretty small for the surprisingly expensive price of membership.

What I didn’t realize when I joined the Tulane gym is that the sunbathing pool is literally the only outdoor pool on campus. At UF, there were at least three outdoor pools that I can think of off the top of my head, and they were all significantly bigger than the Tulane one. And that’s not even mentioning that every single apartment complex in Gainesville had at least one pool.

Today was a beautiful day in New Orleans, so Wesley and I decided to try our luck at the Tulane outdoor pool. I expected it to be crowded since it’s the only pool for a school of about 13,000 students. But to our surprise there were only about 15-20 people at the pool. I don’t know if people were just scared to go because they thought there would be no room or if the people who choose to go to Tulane are just widely not the type to go swimming or sunbathing – it was very confusing.

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