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I’ll be doing a big post next on the Tennessee Williams Festival that I won free tickets to from WWNO(!), but since that’s a couple of days off I wanted to mention something that I’ve been seeing in the news this week:

Another oil spill

Earlier this week, I was scanning the headlines on Huffington Post and came across a small story on the bottom of the page that said “See pictures of oil spill reported near deepwater drilling site.” Um…what? What I still do not understand is why (1) this story was buried on the news page and (2) why I could not find, and still cannot find, any coverage on any other site.

A few days later, there was another small, buried article on the topic. It showed images of crude oil washing ashore on Grand Isle. Again, little, if any, coverage on other news sites (I did hear a short story on NPR). Finally, yesterday the source of the oil was unveiled: a non-producing well that was just in the same area as the Deepwater Horizon. However, this newest account reduces the “100-mile slick” to just a slick that “spread for miles offshore.” The most interesting part?

In three reports to the Coast Guard since Friday, the company (owning the leaking line) had reported that less than 5 gallons of crude had escaped. But state Wildlife and Fisheries agents traced the oil to the Anglo-Suisse well at its Platform E facility on Monday afternoon and found a crew on a boat trying to close in the well with a remotely operated submarine.

So, they flat-out lied? And how are they being punished? Unknown.

I hope to see more coverage on this in the coming week. I know that there are other huge environmental stories right now, namely nuclear power issues, a dolphin being saved in Japan, a pot smoker being mauled by a bear, a miniature horse got a prosthetic leg and the death of a famous polar bear (all stories that actually appeared before the oil story on HuffPost’s Green News page). But these companies should not be allowed to lie about how much oil is leaking from their wells and get away with it until some happens to wash ashore.

I don’t know if it was reported elsewhere, but when the spill was first noticed local reporters actually deduced that it was only dirty Mississippi River water that people were mistaking for oil and/or algae blooms. I don’t think even the river is as dirty as crude oil. Just sayin.

And as a side note, Westboro Baptists still suck

Yep, the same group that has continuously offended even the most conservative of conservatives is at it again. They’re picketing Elizabeth Taylor’s funeral. Sigh.

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