Easter candy addiction

Courtesy photo

Cadbury Eggs!

I recently saw an article about food addiction that really hit home for me.

While I’m not obese, I am about 15 pounds over the average weight for my height and I have a serious problem saying “no” to food.

Easter is an especially hard time of year for me because, really, what’s better than Easter candy? Cadbury Eggs – hello!

[By the way – totally just saw this on the Cadbury Web site that will not help with this food problem I have. Great.]

Anyway, the article outlines a study that was done showing that when some people see certain types of food it triggers the anterior cingulate cortex and the medial orbitofrontal cortex – the same parts of the brain that drugs trigger in drug addicts.

That really speaks to me. If I’m in a room with a Cadbury Egg there is no way that I am going to not eat that Cadbury Egg. That’s just a given in my life. At the same time if I deny myself junk food, like foregoing buying it at the store, I suffer almost withdrawal-like symptoms that make me cranky, on-edge and far more likely to have anxiety attacks. And that often leads me to break down, crawl into my car and drive to Walgreens for a Cadbury fix because I’d rather eat those calories than be unhappy, cry and bother Wesley.

After reading this article and realizing how much I relate to it, I wonder if would get over my food “addiction” if I just went through the withdrawals, like rehab or something.

Anyway, check the article out and see if you fall into this category as well!

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