Italiano sogni

Yesterday Wesley and I stopped by an Italian “bar” that we have passed a few times on Carrollton. Unfortunately, while the food at Angelo Brocato’s was good, the place didn’t seem to have any actual Italian food – the granita was just sorbet when it is supposed to be like a slushy, the gelato was just thick ice cream and nobody there seemed Italian even though it is supposedly run entirely by a family of actual Italians.

Trevi Fountain, Roma

I’ve been studying Italian with Rosetta Stone and it’s really an incredible program. I’m still on the first disc out of five and I was already able to have a conversation with my online Italian tutor.

After getting some faux Italian desserts, I decided to come home and watch La Dolce Vita while staring at pictures of Italy. Don’t judge me.

I can’t wait to go back to Italy – and I know I will since I remembered to throw a coin into the Trevi the last night I was there!


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