Beach bunnies

Easter eggs!

I headed to Pensacola for the Easter holiday last weekend and ended up discovering some great food, dealing with my cat’s first sickness and dying a bunch of bunny eggs.

The first big thing to happen on the trip was Kitten getting more than usually car sick. The bumps on New Orleans roads always make Kitten car sick, but 45 minutes into the car ride I turned around to find Kitten foaming from the mouth. We pulled over so I could clean her up and found out two things: she had thrown up and peed in her carrier. It’s kind of a big deal because Kitten has never, ever gone to the bathroom outside of her litterbox. Anyways, we’re monitoring it and hoping she is okay now.

After getting into town, we headed to Pensacola Beach on Friday and checked out this awesome new place called Beach Pops. Seriously, it’s amazing. They make completely organic and awesome. And they have bubble tea smoothies and slushies! So good. SO good.

We died dozens of eggs – literally there were about 100 eggs between everyone.


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