Sick Kitten in a dirty town

Poor sick Kitten holding mommy's hand

This week, Kitten has been a bit sickly so we took her to a vet today in New Orleans. I chose the Southern Animal Foundation on Magazine Street because they seemed reputable, it was fairly close, they were nice on the phone and they were the cheapest…one guess as to which was the deciding factor. (Honestly, our first-time visit with rabies and distemper was $65 — compare that to the $160 I was quoted at the Maple Small Animal Clinic!)

[Sidenote: See this more recent post to hear about how the Southern Animal Foundation actually ended up sucking big time.]

We took her in and while we did have to wait over a half hour past our appointment time, I was very relieved to meet the super nice veterinarian who loved Kitten and treated her very well. She got a basic check-up and came out clean, then she got her annual rabies update. Now, Kitten has gotten rabies shots before with no problems. However, a few hours after we got home tonight, she was getting sick non-stop. After about 30 minutes and a grand total of 10 times getting sick, she settled down, curled up in her little bed and sipped a little  from a soy sauce bowl I filled up with water for her.

She seems to be okay now – just sleeping a lot. But we have been waking her up every 30-45 minutes and getting her to drink a little water so she stays hydrated.

Dirty Town

I have always made jokes about how dirty New Orleans is. In fact, one thing I usually say is that the air is so dirty that when it rains, it actually makes your car dirtier because the rain weighs the dirt down.

Well, I’m happy/sad to say that I was totally right! Look at this ridiculous picture I took of my car after a light rain the other day:

Dirty car after fresh rain

Total dirt droplets all over my car.

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