Crawfish Beignet Festival!

Jazz Fest | Big Chief Walter Cook & The Creole Wild West

…I mean Jazz and Heritage Festival. But if there were a crawfish beignet festival I would go.

Wesley and I had a pretty unusual Jazz Fest experience today. We volunteered to work in the Book Tent because knew the man running it. We got free tickets for all day on Saturday, but we had to work the tent from 3-7 p.m. to get them.

We headed down to the festival early and parked for free (!) near City Park. It was about a mile walk to festival grounds, but it was a nice walk along the park.

Gospel Tent | Gospel Soul Children

We walked around without much of a plan. We ended up checking out Big Chief Walter Cook & The Creole Wild West, Gospel Soul Children, Hot 8 Brass Band, Jason Mraz and The Zydeco Experience.

We also tried a lot of food. We had two orders of crawfish beignets and alligator pie, sweet potato pone, a barbecue chicken sandwich and crawfish bread. It was amazing.


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