Staying busy

Wesley left for his internship today, so this is day one of mission stay-too-busy-to-really-notice-he’s-gone.

So far, I have worked and will continue to work tonight, added oil to my car and taken care of a sick little Kitten.

K’Lil (Kitten’s gangsta name) has come down with something. We noticed about four days ago that she had not been eating much. She also was acting very lethargic and wasn’t playing or meowing as much as usual. On Tuesday we realized she had gone an entire 24-hour period without eating anything so we took her to the vet.

[Side note on the vet: We had taken her to the Southern Animal Foundation a few weeks ago for a regular check-up and really liked the doctor there. Unfortunately, when I called on Tuesday morning to see when the next available appointment was, the receptionist was a….what’s the most politically correct way to say super bitch? She basically told me that because I was poor and had to go to work, I was going to be responsible for Kitten’s untimely death. Anyways, we obviously had to switch vets on the fly after that. We ended up at the Garden District Pet Hospital and the staff there was amazing to us. Kitten even seemed to like them.]

Kitten stayed a few hours at the vet and was force-fed and given IV fluids and anti-inflammatory medication. The doctor didn’t feel anything abnormal during the physical exam, but Kitten did turn out to have a super-high fever – it was over 104 degrees, with the normal cat temperature being 102 degrees.

The doctor sent her home with instructions for us to give her antibiotic drops twice a day and to force feed her a can of special high-calorie food every day, which I’ve been doing in 4-8 syringe-full three times per day.

So far, Kitten still is not being very awake or excitable. She only seems really healthy immediately after eating – although she fights hard enough against me stuffing the syringe in her mouth.

Updates will be forthcoming! Keep her in your thoughts, please.


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