The week New Orleans attempted to murder my vehicle

One of the many ways that Nola is attempting to kill my car.

I have been saying that Nola is killing my car since we moved here. From the pot holes killing my shocks and suspension to the other pot holes killing my tires, it was only a matter of time before something more serious broke.

Before this week, I have had three tires repaired, my A/C compressor repaired and my windshield wiper fluid container is cracked and unusable – that’s all in less than two years. And that is all nothing compared to what started this past Sunday.

I was driving to have lunch with a friend in Metairie on Sunday. I drove all the way there with no problems, but when we tried to pull out of the driveway after I picked her up, the car would not go. Basically, the power steering locked up and the car would only go a maximum of 20 mph no matter how hard I pressed the gas pedal.

I have been putting off and putting off getting an oil change, so I thought I might be low on oil. My friend drove me to the gas station where I bought some oil and filled the car up. After that, everything seemed fine – it seemed the crisis had been averted.

However, after lunch I tried to drive home and got as far as Carrollton before the same thing happened – but in the middle of the road this time! I pulled the wheel as hard as I could to the right and made it into a Walgreen’s parking lot before the car completely refused to go any further.

I called AAA and had my car towed to the shop (the same one that miraculously fixed my A/C). On Monday, I got up early, got a rental from Enterprise and dropped my key off at the shop.

I have had a rental for the past two days. Today I called to get an update on my car and the shop claimed that they had been driving my car all day long for two days straight and that nothing seemed to be wrong. They said I should come pick it up because there was nothing they could do – they had checked everything and nothing needed to be replaced or repaired.

So, this afternoon I returned my rental car and headed to the shop for my car. And guess what? I got five miles away from the shop before my car broke down – surprise! And in the exact same way as it did on Sunday. The more I think about it, the more skeptical (and therefore angry) I get that the shop said they had been driving my car around and nothing was wrong. What are the odds that they drove it 20 times but I drove it once and it broke? Pretty slim, I’m thinking.

Anyways, so it broke down today. And not just on Carrollton on the way home this time – no, no. This time it was on I-10 in rush hour traffic on the way to Target. On the up side, I was about a mile away from the exit and the Royal Honda dealership was only about a mile away from that. So, I drove about 25 mph on the shoulder of the interstate until I got to Veterans Memorial, then I just sucked it up and drove 25 mph with my emergency lights on until I got to the dealership.

When I got there, they had their act together. They were able to see my car in all its broken glory and had already called Enterprise to pick me up before I even arrived – the crying on the phone before I got there may have had something to do with that…

So now I’m back in a rental, but a much nicer rental than I had before – I got upgraded from a Jetta to a Sebring.

Hopefully the expert at Royal Honda will fix me up. We’ll see…

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