The car drama continues…

This light came on...

My car broke down today for the fourth time in four days.

The first two times it broke down were on Sunday afternoon. Basically, it did fine on the interstate and then when I slowed down or idled the car stopped accelerating properly and lights started flashing and the power steering locked up. I had it towed to a place in Nola that kept it for two days (during which time I had to pay for a rental) and basically told me there was nothing wrong with it and there was nothing they could do – they said it was working just fine for them.

And THIS light came on...

On Tuesday, I picked it up and got five miles down the road before it broke down again in the same way. I was able to drive 20 mph on the shoulder to the Honda dealership that was only a couple of miles away. Honda place said it was caused by bad spark plugs and replaced them. I picked it up yesterday (Wednesday) and everything seemed good. I drove all the way to St. Charles Parish this morning with no problems.

AND THIS light came on! Oh my!

On my way home today, I got about half-way there before the same thing started happening again. Except – and this is a big except – my car almost immediately jumped to over heating, which hadn’t happened before. I immediately pulled over and called AAA which took over an hour to get a tow truck out to me on I-10.

Luckily, the lovely people at Royal Honda and Enterprise Rent-A-Car on Veterans Memorial Boulevard stayed after their regular closing time to wait for me! Even though the spark plugs were not what the problem was, they were problem that needed fixing. I’m a big fan of Royal Honda right now, so let’s hope it stays that way. For now, I’ll definitely be taking a rental to Florida this weekend.

Who would have thought that my first time renting a car would lead to three different rental cars in four days? Not me.

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