Playing a new game

Well, it’s not exactly new, but new to me. I started reading “A Game of Thrones” a few weeks ago because a friend recommended it to me. I had also heard that the new HBO series based on the book was good.

At over 800 pages, it’s the longest book I have attempted in a while but it was also worth the entire two weeks it took me to read. Not to mention it was a great way to waste some time in these three-weeks-that-will-never-end.

The book is set in a fake supernatural/medieval time that really reminds me of the computer game Heroes of Might and Magic that I used to play a million years ago. It follows the families from different areas of the map that all have certain things in common (ie. the king is BFF with a lord of the north, he became king when he and the lord killed the past king whose children escaped death and are another storyline, etc.)

I like that each chapter is a little story from a certain character’s perspective – it’s easier for me to read in well-defined chunks like that.

Scary zombie, aka "White Walker"

I finished the first book last week and was excited to start the second even-longer book and start watching the television series. Unfortunately I learned during the first episode that it’s not a show you can watch while eating/not feeling well/stressed/etc. The first scene of the first episode goes down like this: hunters find a bunch of dead people in the woods with oodles of dead blood gushing from their bodies. Dead bodies become zombies and kill hunters by cutting their heads off graphically and with lots of additional blood spurts. One hunter escapes only to be beheaded in the next scene, re: blood spurts.

Best part of book and show: super cute wolves 🙂

While I can’t really appreciate the ridiculously bad effects of the beheadings (and there are quite a few), I can appreciate the overall show. The sets are pretty good and the actors are very good. The creators did a good job of finding appropriate thespians for each role – and they paid attention to character traits like hair color, body type, etc. which I think more movies-based-on-books should do. There’s really no excuse not to – it’s just sad when movie makers take your favorite meek blond 14-year-old and make them dark-haired, muscular and 18.


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