Destruction of Tropical Storm Lee

From listening to the news, you might think that Tropical Storm Lee was a category 5 hurricane coming to finish what Katrina started. But despite the weather channel, CNN and every other news source’s reporting, it was really just a run-of-the-mill tropical storm with some high wind gusts and a pile of rain.

The pounding rain did wake us up around 3 a.m. this morning, but it wasn’t what kept us up. We heard and interesting trickling noise which led us to the discovery of water leaking profusely from under the window where the AC is lodged. (See pictures)

The wall is bloated with water-logged wood and material and there was even water streaming out of our electrical outlet. We (probably not that safely) unplugged everything from the outlet – I did wear rubber-soled shoes and used a rubber pot holder! Then we lined the floor with a towel and called the property managers. One thing you must understand about me and this blog is this: I live in a Riverlake Property. I read a review of them recently that called them “slum lords” – their words, not mine.

Some rules and regulations are attached to our lease with RP, which state that the emergency answering service will call a manager if there is a major maintenance problem. I don’t know about you, but water streaming out of an electrical outlet seemed pretty major to me. So I called the answering service. First, I was told that they would try to get in touch with a manager. Then, upon calling back to check on the progress of getting in touch with said manager, I was told by another representative that they do not, in fact, have any contact information for anyone who actually works at Riverlake. Why am I surprised? The last time our air conditioner broke it took months to get a replacement. Summer months.

Which leads me to part two of the night. After putting down the towel to soak up the leaky window water, we plugged the AC into a different outlet and went back to bed.

Around 6 a.m., we were once again woken up by a loud, horrible noise from the AC. My conclusion is that water has flooded our AC. It sounds as if every time the fan rotates it is being plunged at a high speed into about two inches of standing water. I came to this conclusion based on the noises it was making and the fact that when I stood in front of the AC, I got cold mist instead of cold air. We turned it off, put the living room AC on high and place a fan in the doorway, and finally went back to sleep.

When we woke up this morning around 11 a.m., it was pretty bright outside and not even raining. We went outside to assess the damage, but there really wasn’t any. There was about two inches of standing water in the low-lying places of our yard and a few trees were down, but they were baby trees that were just planted last week. Upon inspecting our AC, we found that the wood on the outside window sill has completely rotted. That’s typical Riverlake. We have reported this same leaking problem numerous times over the past couple of years and they keep telling us they “fixed” it only for it to leak again during the next big rain.

So, don’t let the news hype it up. The only reason this storm is bad particularly for New Orleans is because all of these houses are falling apart already – it’s like wetting cardboard.

Enjoy the pictures of the “destruction” below:

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