Purging the closets

One thing about my job is that we are always a week or two ahead, so it’s pretty much November for me over here! I can’t believe how quickly time flies working at a newspaper. I also can’t believe how incredibly nice the weather is outside. Sure, it is super cold in our apartment due to our lack of insulation, heat and almost all other basic necessities…but we cranked up the space heater and super un-safe 1970s open-flame heater last night and kept it toasty warm.

The best part about fall in the Big Easy is that I can actually look forward to outdoor events – as opposed to summer outdoor events which only give me mosquitos, sweat and heat stroke to look forward to. I am hitting up the thrift store this afternoon in an attempt to find some fun fall outfits. I also need something cute to wear tonight when Wesley and I go to one of his law school functions at St. James Cheese Company. I’ve never been, but I’ll let you know how it is. (I just hope we get prosciutto! SO excited.)

A little mid-purge shot of our bedroom and closets

Speaking of the thrift, I need some new fall clothes because I recently did a closet purge and donated four full garbage bags of clothing to Red, White and Blue in Harahan. I was a little hesitant at the thought, but now that it’s done I am so glad I got rid of all that stuff!

I have had about three (big) boxes of winter clothes (and clothes that no longer fit me) in my closet since sophomore year at UF. They were super cute and I keep thinking, “Oh, I’ll lose a few pounds soon and then I can wear them again – can’t get rid of them!” Unfortunately, the likelihood of me losing the 20 pounds it would take for me to wear these clothes AND the clothes still being in style at that time are slim to none. I am a big proponent of wearing clothes that fit your age and lifestyle, and unfortunately polka-dotted and striped rainbow fuzzy sweaters are no longer that appropriate for me now that I’m not in high school or 120 pounds.

Dropping off those bags was so awesome. I really felt a load lift of my back that had been there for years – a load of shirts, shorts, sweaters, jeans (five freaking pairs that have been too small for me to wear in years!), shoes and old purses, to be exact.

Unfortunately, I learned something about Wesley that may be a struggle in the future. Wesley isn’t exactly a hoarder – he just hates getting rid of stuff apparently. Especially if it’s perfectly good stuff. For example, he has a drawer that is always overflowing with stuff – looks likes the place where gym shorts, bathing suits and old t-shirts go to live out their remaining years. The first task I gave him when cleaning out our closets was to go through this awful drawer, knowing that something in there could go to charity.

Ten minutes later as I’m tying up my first full garbage bag of donations, I look over to find Wesley moving on to his closet. When I pick up the small pile of shirts on the floor by the drawer asking if they can go to charity, you would have thought I asked if we were kicking Kitten outside. He explained that nothing in that drawer was fit to be given away. And it’s not that he claimed to wear all of these things, he just didn’t want to get rid of them because there was nothing wrong with them.

Insert argument here about the merits of keeping masses of clothing that one never wears just because there is nothing wrong with them.

After going through the drawer myself, I found three bathing suits (two of which he has never worn), multiple shirts from high school (all identical) and gym shorts with huge questionable stains down the front. Then I proceeded to rip these things from Wesley’s cold, clenched hands and wrestle them into the charity bag. The list of excuses was endless: “Those shirts have sentimental value!” “What bathing suit will I wear if these other two get messed up?!” “I wear those gym shorts to sleep in!”

I get sentimental value, but if all four shirts look the same then can’t we just keep one or two? Also, we don’t live near the water – ANY water. You don’t go swimming in Lake Pontchartrain and we only go to the beach a few times a year. What exactly is going to happen to the other two pairs of bathing trunks if we get rid of this one extra? And even if something did happen to the other two pairs, wouldn’t going and buying a new pair for $15 at K-Mart be a more prudent move than keeping this lone, unworn pair for a decade in your drawer? And stained gym shorts, don’t even get me started. You cannot wear them outside because they are so stained and he has plenty – plenty – of shorts.

Long story short, I did surprisingly well in the closet purge of 2011. I donated four full bags of clothing, shoes and purses, but I now need some replacement fall wear that actually fits me. And about six items in those four bags were from Wesley’s closet. Trust me, I’m just glad to have gotten that many items from him lol.

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