Winter is coming

If you’ve read the Ice and Fire books, then you know the title is a reference to the fact that I have completely fallen down the rabbit hole and am obsessed with this series. Fortunately, I only have a book and a half to go before there are no more left to read.

But the title is also a reference to the exciting weather predictions in New Orleans over the next week and the fact that I will see snow in about a month! That’s right, snow…but not in Nola – in New Mexico! My second annual trip to Albuquerque is set for the first weekend in December.

I am most excited about seeing snow on the mountains and the lights in Old Town – it’s not every year that a Florida girl gets to see snow during the winter! I’m also excited about having cold enough weather to wear my earmuffs and scarves.

Key limes from Key Largo

On an unrelated side note, I tried Key limes for the first time this week and I’m in love. If you know me, you know I love to eat lemons and limes. Wesley’s parents came to visit from Key Largo last week and brought us a whole bag of fresh limes. Key limes are the most sour things I’ve ever had and I couldn’t stop eating them.

I know the topics lately have been a little scattered, but I have a lot on my mind. I will clue you all in if anything comes to pass.

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