NOLA Christmas + 5 year anniversary

Wesley and I have officially been together for more than 20 percent of our lives. Pretty crazy stuff. 

We celebrated by going down to the Quarter on Saturday and finishing up my Christmas shopping. Then we headed over to Domenica for the happy hour (half off drinks and pizza!) which I cannot say enough about. We’re definitely going back to this place. And it’s in the Roosevelt Hotel, which was beautifully decorated with a bunch of flocked trees and white lights – I prefer the multi-colored strands myself, but still pretty.

After dinner, we headed to NOMA to see “Romeo and Juliet” performed in the great hall – basically in the middle of the museum. It was pretty awesome and the acting was good. The costumes were a little weird…some were in period dress and other were in modern suits and ties…

After the play, we headed over the Celebration in the Oaks since we were already in the area. We originally went there to go ice skating, which was advertised as a “professional” synthetic ice for adults. Yeah, it was like 25 square feet and definitely not for adults. But we walked around the park and botanical gardens and saw the lights. Santa and his gators in a Cajun Night Before ChristmasWe also learned about Cajun Christmas, which is very different from the holiday that we grew up with. In Cajun Christmas, Santa rides a “skiff” pulled by French gators that then climb up the side of the house as Santa magically disappears for a while. Santa then attempts to go down the chimney, but can’t and falls on his butt because he is drunk. Seriously. Can’t make this stuff up. I would have liked it, but it made me sad to think how some of these Louisiana kids have no chance at speaking proper English. I couldn’t even understand half the words they read in the story. Schools here really have their work cut out for them.

On Sunday, we went to brunch at Antoine’s – the oldest restaurant in New Orleans. We got to sit right by the big (multi-color lighted) Christmas tree and the band, and we got the best service ever. Antoine’s is probably the nicest restaurant in the Quarter – a lot of famous people have eaten there, like General Patton, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, President Roosevelt, Judy Garland, Carol Burnett and Pope John Paul the II. We also ordered the Baked Alaska!

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