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Beach bunnies

Easter eggs!

I headed to Pensacola for the Easter holiday last weekend and ended up discovering some great food, dealing with my cat’s first sickness and dying a bunch of bunny eggs.

The first big thing to happen on the trip was Kitten getting more than usually car sick. The bumps on New Orleans roads always make Kitten car sick, but 45 minutes into the car ride I turned around to find Kitten foaming from the mouth. We pulled over so I could clean her up and found out two things: she had thrown up and peed in her carrier. It’s kind of a big deal because Kitten has never, ever gone to the bathroom outside of her litterbox. Anyways, we’re monitoring it and hoping she is okay now.

After getting into town, we headed to Pensacola Beach on Friday and checked out this awesome new place called Beach Pops. Seriously, it’s amazing. They make completely organic and awesome. And they have bubble tea smoothies and slushies! So good. SO good.

We died dozens of eggs – literally there were about 100 eggs between everyone.

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East Coast Girls

Pensacola Beach

I was jogging today and thinking about how much I miss living in Florida. Not that New Orleans hasn’t been great so far, but Florida is just more….just more.

I’m not really sure what exactly it is that makes me love Florida so much more than New Orleans. (I keep saying New Orleans, not Louisiana, because I definitely dislike the state of La. as a whole. The only good part is the greater Nola area.)

Anyone who lives in Florida knows what it’s like to be taking a walk and feeling a breeze blow across you that smells salty because the ocean is never too far away. And even when it smells like rain, you know it will only last for a little while. It’s always humid there, but it’s not as heavy because it’s broken up by the breeze.

In New Orleans, there’s definitely more to do than in almost any city in Florida (save Miami, maybe) and more of a history, but the air is thicker. When a breeze (rarely) blows by, all you smell is the heavy humidity – because the only time it’s breezy is when it’s about to rain heavily. In Florida, you can go to another happening town usually in about 1-3 hours, depending on where you want to go. The point is: you can get out of town for the day to somewhere that seems more exotic or interesting than where you live. The greater New Orleans area is definitely the main attraction in Louisiana – why would you go anywhere else?

Wesley and I often talk about the places we would/would not mind living at some point in the future. The highlights are San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Albuquerque, Chicago, D.C. and New York (Ugh).

But Atlanta and Miami are always tossed around because they are so much closer to our families in Florida – or really just closer to Florida.

Anyone who knows me knows that the beach and I are close. But I realized while talking about California that it’s not just any beach that I like, it’s specifically Florida panhandle beaches. I think everyone who grows up on the panhandle is ridiculously spoiled and it kind of makes us….what’s a better word than snobby? I know that I’m the first one to call any other beach “dirty-looking.” But seriously, anyone who has been to Pensacola Beach knows that all other beaches are dirty!

Anyway, I keep telling Wesley that I am an East Coast girl and not psyched about ever living on the west coast. But recently I started loving that new song “California Girls.” Apparently I’m not the only one having trouble reconciling love for the East Coast and love of that song, so here you go East Coast girls.

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Pcola Beach update

I visited Pensacola Beach last weekend and checked out the oil situation.

There was definitely a tractor presence from Fort Pickens to Casino Beach, and we even had some garbage trucks pass us full of bags of tar.

On first glance, the beach looked as clean as ever. The water even looked clean. I was shocked, especially after hearing the horror stories from friends.

But after a second look, digging just a couple of inches showed a disgusting layer of oiled sand beneath the surface. Were cleaners sifting through sand to clean these oiled layers? No. They looked on guard and ready to clean should any significant-sized tar balls wash ashore, but apparently tar balls smaller than a quarter and the layers and layers of oiled sand beneath the surface are not worthy of cleaning.

It was really disappointing. Here are some pictures that I took during my visit:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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One-year post!

One year ago today, I sat down and started this blog about the adventure I was beginning by moving to New Orleans with my boyfriend after graduating college.

On June 6, 2009, I had just earned my journalism degree and had a part-time job as a newsroom clerk (ie. mail distributor, newspaper archiver and one-story-a-week writer). I was casually looking for a job in New Orleans and majorly dreaming about coming-up escapades in Europe. And I lived with my best girlfriend in a wonderful apartment in a city full of my friends and fellow Gators fans.

Now, 95 posts and one year later, I finally have a full-time job as an editor after months of searching, hundreds (literally) of applications and three months of hell working at a restaurant in the Quarter. I’m dreaming of ever having enough money to pay my bills for the month and about my trip to Albuquerque in October to see my best friend and ex-roommate for only the third time since I’ve moved here.

[ It’s really something (awful) to go from living with your best friend to seeing them only twice a year. I can’t imagine how Kitten feels – my best friend also had a cat who lived with us for a year and grew up with Kitten. ]

Back then, I was thinking about joining a Mardi Gras Krewe to make friends in New Orleans, now I’m a Muse and I met most of my friends in town at the krewe gatherings.

A year ago, I said that Pensacola Beach was the whitest, most beautiful beach in the world. Now it’s being covered by oil.

It’s been a surprising, shocking, awful, amazing year and I’m glad that I have this blog to look back at this huge transition in my life and my first impressions of life after college in the Big Easy.

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Shell shocked

Even though I knew it was coming, I was still shocked when oil washed ashore on Pensacola Beach today.

I cried for about 20 minutes in my office before hitting the road to go home early.┬áThen I cried the entire 40-minute drive back to my house – even when I got to see President Obama’s motorcade.

I don’t want to be selfish, but I feel like I’m a little more hurt by all of this than an average person. You can’t really understand how I feel unless you lost a parent who was cremated and had their ashes scattered in the Gulf – right where the oil is now taking over.

Some people go to cemeteries to talk to relatives who have passed away – I used to go to Pensacola Beach and take a swim to talk to my dad. And now I may never be able to do that again. Can you imagine someone coming to your family cemetery and accidentally dumping toxic garbage all over it, meaning that your family’s remains are desecrated and you can never go there to pay your respects again?

I normally don’t like to curse in these posts because I want to keep it professional, but I think my dad would have been totally fine with this.

Fuck you BP. Fuck you.

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Black Thursday

Today can be called black for many reasons. As a personal reason, I had to call the cops on my awful neighbor yesterday and she flat-out lied to the police right in front of me. She is literally psychotic. And I am not the kind of person who can just let something like that go. So all day today I have been fuming over it. All night last night I fumed over it – instead of sleeping. I know I should just let it go, but I just don’t think I’m capable. The only comfort I have is that she is so crazy that I really believe she may go to some sort of mental institution soon. Maybe I’ll even get to see them take her away. That’s a nice thought.

Beautiful white sands of Pensacola Beach, pre-BP oil spill

Also, the black oil spilling into the gulf thanks to BP is scheduled to hit Pensacola Beach very soon. I don’t know how we’ve been lucky enough to not have it wash ashore yet, but unfortunately our luck is about to run out. It’s just the most helpless feeling in the world that we have to see images like this at all (these are the latest photos and they are truly sickening) – and it makes me sick to my stomach that we could be seeing them on Pensacola Beach in the coming weeks or months. I don’t think I’ve ever had more hate than I have for the oil industry right now. If I could ride to work on a bike I would – and that’s saying something because I’m seriously athletically challenged.

On a totally different note, I started watching a new show last week: Drop Dead Diva. It’s a pretty feel-good girly show that is great for passing the time. And I think a new season is starting next week.

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Pensacola Beach: Why I will never buy gas from BP again

Pensacola Beach, where I grew up. The purest and finest white sand I've ever seen in the world may never be the same.

Here’s a summary of everything I’ve heard about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico so far:

It was caused by the explosion of British Petroleum’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig 50 miles off the coast of Louisiana. No one knows why it exploded and 11 people are missing, presumed dead.

Since it initial leak, there are now three spots that are leaking and it’s leaking 5 times as much as they originally thought.

Because it is probably going to hit a bunch of wildlife preserves, like the Gulf Islands National Seashore and pretty much the entire Louisiana coast, people are estimating that it is going to be a worse environmental impact than the Exxon Valdez spill.

Right now, the government has stepped in and is helping as much as possible. President Obama declared it a national emergency, so the military has been deployed to try to stop the oil from reaching the coast.

To try to stop it, they’re (1) trying to cap the leaks unsuccessfully, (2) drilling another drill to try to relieve the pressure so that it will stop leaking and allow them to cap it, but this will take at least two months, and (3) trying to set the oil on fire. When it burns, it becomes a solid that can be easily skimmed off the water and that won’t harm animals. But the downside is that they can’t just set the whole thing on fire so they have to do it little by little and it’s really slow. Also, burning it releases toxins into the air.

Floating barriers have been set up around the coast from Louisiana to Pensacola Beach, but the oil hit the Louisiana coast. So far, a few animals have been hurt including a soiled brown pelican that was cleaned and a sea turtle that died. The floating barriers are less effective because of bad weather and changing winds this weekend causing waves to overlap them.

Track the oil spill on a special site from CNN. CNN also has a good interactive page to show different clean-up and recovery methods.

The Pensacola News Journal finally decided that local coverage of the oil spill was called for on Friday afternoon – over a week after the oil rig exploded. Before that, the only source I could find that was covering the Pensacola area specifically was Green Tour TV. Unfortunately, their coverage has really been lacking lately.

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