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It’s the car trouble that never ends….

…yes it goes on and on, my friends!

After breaking down four times in one week last summer, I thought ‘Hey, maybe I’m done with car trouble for a little.’ Yeah, no.

Right before Mardi Gras, I was taking my car to Target and 10 feet away from my house it suddenly stopped accelerating. I knew something was wrong the day before when it had a similar, hydroplaning effect. Every told me ‘The roads are wet – it’s just hydroplaning!’ Well I wish it had been true.

I had to have the car towed to the shop where they informed they that it was the transmission. Super bad.

They’ve had my car for almost three weeks now. THREE WEEKS. My past experiences with Royal Honda in Metairie have been great – they were nice, efficient and constantly updated me. But this time I have had constant trouble getting in touch with them, having to deal with a really rude  receptionist. I also have gotten very few calls giving me a status update. These people better pray that my car runs smooth for a good, long time. Because if it doesn’t, I have a lot of pent-up, impatient rage just waiting to come out and scream at them.


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