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You might be a New Orleanian if…

…you enjoy smashing side mirrors off of parked cars at 8 a.m.

This morning, I left my house and rounded the corner to find two cars – one on either side of the road – parked extremely close to each other. Now, this is a fairly normal occurence in New Orleans. But being someone who lives here, I’m usually not squeamish about trying to get through tight spots.

But this spot was a little too tight for me. I attempted it, and then began to back out in abject failure. That is, until the driver behind me refused to back out and yelled at me to go through the cars or get out of his way.

I pulled to the side and proceeded to watch him and eight other drivers plow their way through the tight space and smash one of the parked car’s side mirror to bits.

Not the actual mirror, but similar damage

The glass was shattered, the mirror was bent backward and these drivers just kept at it like it was no big deal. I was shocked at this horrible driving etiquette – even for New Orleans. [I once saw a car deliberately back into another car in order to make sure they were as close as possible in a parallel parking spot.]

Granted: those cars should not have been parked so close. They were both large SUVs and should have known better. But the car that lost a mirror might have been there first – they could have done nothing wrong. And now they’re going to have hundreds of dollars in damages. Disgusting.


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An afternoon drive around Uptown

First off, I’m psychic.

Yesterday, Wesley and I called about 20 places looking for a Wii Fit Plus with a balance board before giving up (because they were all out of stock) and just Google searching places to call in the morning.

Then, last night I dreamt that there were Wii Fit Pluses in stock at the Wal-Mart on Tchoupitoulas. When we called them this morning – they did.

So after picking that up this morning, we decided to go for a drive with my film camera and get to know our neighborhood a little better.

This was purely an observational mission, but some of the types of places I didn’t realize were in Uptown: a monastery, many historic-looking schools and some type of factory, to name a few.

We also ran into some interesting buildings, such as a bar with crazy signs on it (see picture) and a very ironic run-down architectural school.

See pictures below for some of the best sights from our drive. Enjoy!

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