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Moving on…

I have left the New Orleans area and moved on to D.C. Check out my new blog at DC Capital Letters! New Orleans…it was real.


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Someday, when we move out of Orleans Parish, we will…

…have an apartment with insulation (ie. a floor that you can’t see through to the ground).

…have central air and heating.

…not have to worry about the roads destroying our cars.

…not have chunks of plaster falling from our apartment walls on a regular basis.

…be able to close all our windows and doors and they will be air-tight.

…be able to open all the windows.

…be able to plug more than one thing in per room without blowing a fuse.

…not have plants growing out of our baseboards…inside the house.

…have a driveway/garage/parking garage so that our cars will not get ticketed/sideswiped while we sleep.

…not have to worry about crazy, drunk people screaming outside our apartment every weekend at 3 a.m.

…probably be able to get a two-bedroom decent apartment for the price we are paying for this one-bedroom shitty apartment.

…have fresh air.

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