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Law school limbo

I’m so tired of this dance. Waiting and waiting…if you know me you probably know I’m extremely impatient. I hate waiting around for things and that is pretty much what we’ve been doing for the past three years. Waiting for our “real” lives to begin. Waiting for law school to be over so we can actually spend time together again. Waiting for us to both be employed so we can keep our heads above the water.

This waiting is the hardest part of law school for me. I know Wesley is enrolled, but this has been just as big a commitment for me, as any law school spouse will tell you. And New Orleans makes it even harder to get through every day.

If it’s not our shitty apartment breaking or the filth covering our cars and shoes, it’s the bi-polar weather and the nearly constant smell of garbage in the air. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some good things here: the history, the food and the festivals. But for me, the city has made an irreversibly bad impression from its complete mismanagement and political corruption to the rude, clique-ish residents/drivers and pock-marked streets/sidewalks. Even things that most people like – for instance, the slow pace of life – I find horribly annoying. I mean, I’ve got places to go and things to do, I don’t need to wait an hour for you to bring me my lunch check! Not everyone here is on vacation!

I cannot wait to start the next phase of our lives – whether it’s in the Nola ‘burbs or a whole new place. The hunt for a job is on, and Wesley has been searching all weekend. In this laid-back environment it’s hard to even get that going – I keep reminding him that we have a lot to get done and only four months left to do it in. Come May, it will be decision time – whether we’re ready or not. I can’t wait – it’s about time something moved fast around here.

[On a side note, we’re gearing up for another Mardi Gras – one of the few things I love about this city. A friend invited me to a craft party yesterday where I made this awesome wreath. I am pretty impressed with myself if I do say so, lol.]


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Move-in Blues

We got to New Orleans on-time and relatively unscathed today — however, we did lose a traveler on the way: my fish, GL, died when we got here.

It’s true that flushing GL wasn’t the best way to start off life in a new home, but at least he got to see it before he died.

We are about half un-packed and plan to have a fully-clean and normal-looking house by tomorrow night!

We already ventured out into the town a little bit by going to Langensteins grocery store to pick up a few needed items. I read that it’s locally owned and that’s great, but it was definitely priced much higher than Publix and didn’t offer any non-name-brand alternatives which stunk.

It may just be that I L-O-V-E Publix and am missing it already. I also miss Target — there isn’t one in the city limits of New Orleans!

It’s been a tougher move than normal, maybe because I’ve been moving my own stuff as well as spurring Wesley on to get his stuff together. (Actual scenario: I asked him to get his over-flowing garbage bags of clothes in the living room and put the clothes in them away. He did so by picking them up and placing them in the next room where I found them an hour later. Ugh!)

More trouble came when I started putting our kitchen table together. I got the table part done in about five minutes, but the first chair took an hour! We pretty much gave up and decided that could wait until tomorrow — bad idea, I know.

Going to bed (now that it’s put together and made, a process that will probably give me nightmares for weeks). More tomorrow — if I live until then.

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Nola tunes

Since I’m facing an eight-hour drive to New Orleans when I move in 29 days (!), I want to make a really awesome playlist for the drive over that will get me excited about moving to the Big Easy.

My first thoughts are the obvious genres of jazz or big band, but I’m looking for some more unique stuff, like maybe songs about New Orleans that aren’t necessarily jazz.

So far, this is what I have: Big River by Johnny Cash, Born on the Bayou by Credence Clearwater Revival, Boy from New Orleans performed by Louis Armstrong, Down in New Orleans by Steppenwolf, I’m Walking to New Orleans by Fats Domino, Mr. Tambourine Man by Bob Dylan and Pearl of the Quarter by Steely Dan.

As you can see, that’s not enough for the drive, but I’m still searching other blogs’ suggestions, like this funeral playlist. I also just found this forum on songs about New Orleans on the Nola Jazz Festival site.

As far as journalistic sources go, I found this really amazing NPR audio episode of All Things Considered entitled “The Spirit of New Orleans is in Its Music” and this Rolling Stone musical tribute to New Orleans created on the anniversary of Katrina.

If you have a favorite band that’s from New Orleans, a specific album you would recommend or music that just makes you think of Louisiana, please leave a comment.

Thanks! 🙂

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Setting things up

Since the big (easy) move is less than a month away now, I decided that the time has come to set up the utilities in Nola with Entergy and the internet with Bellsouth (it’s what I use now and definitely the cheapest if you want internet service without phone or cable).

My new apartment has a gas stove and heater — I’m not sure how I feel about that. We’re going to get a Carbon Monoxide detector, so that eases my mind a bit.

Since I have no experience with gas, I decided to look up some more information about it and found out that the price of natural gas is apparently going up. However, here’s a good article that made me feel better about the gas heating — especially since I don’t have a dishwasher or washing machine.

This site has some great charts with specific price/energy differences between gas-operated and electric-operated appliances.

If you have any advice for natural gas heaters and stoves, let me know please.

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Travel tips — I need some

I am going to be traveling a lot lately — first to Europe and then to New Orleans.

First, I got interested in tips for traveling abroad — —

I have been talking a lot with the girls on my trip to Europe about jet lag. Some people have told me that staying up when you get there is the key so that you are super tired that night, but your internal clock will be reset the next morning when you wake up. However, I tried to stay up the last time I went overseas and ended up with severe physical exhaustion so that I got sick and passed out in the taxi on the way to the hotel once arriving in Italy.

So, I’m looking up some specific info from professional/experienced travelers for how to avoid jet lag. I found an excellent jet lag article on MSNBC; it suggests resetting your internal clock before leaving — interesting.

I also found these great tips from the U.S. Department of State, some of which I would never have thought of like registering with the State Dept. for free to make your life easier in the case of an emergency overseas.

I also know from personal experience to let your bank and credit card companies know you’re going overseas — it’s convenient to do this when you grab some foreign cash from the bank before leaving.

For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. the great affair is to move. Robert Louis Stevenson

As far as the move to New Orleans go — I have no idea how I missed this during all of my online searches the last few months, but I just found MakeNewOrleansHome.com. On that site I found some general tips for moving to Nola.

This link is actually a tourist site, but still has helpful information on transportation and maps.

Here are more tips for moving, including where to get boxes and what to take.

Have any more tips? Let me know!

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From beaches to Bourbon

I grew up near the whitest beach in Florida, but now I’m moving to New Orleans to start my new post-college life. I grew up three hours away from Nola in Pensacola, Fla. so I have visited New Orleans before. I have been to Mardi Gras there for the past two years with some friends from UF and this year’s parade was one of the most amazing times of my life — despite the stress of being charge of 12 people. But this year I will only have to step out of my house and onto the street car line to get to the parades instead of driving eight hours from G’ville. I already have an apartment in Uptown that is super cute and I’m hoping to join a krewe so that I can really immerse myself in the tradition of Mardi Gras; I’m hoping I will get to join the Krewe of Muses. Still looking for a job, but optimistic and excited for the future!

This summer, I’m trying to get the most I can out of Gainesville with the little money I have before moving. I just got back from a cruise to the eastern Caribbean. Next month, I am going to Europe with EF College Break (seriously good deals!). I also am on a mission to save up enough money to go to the theme parks in Orlando before I leave — so far two down (Epcot and Magic Kingdom), three to go (Sea World, Universal and IOA). My boyfriend, Wesley, and I already checked off most of the restaurants in Gainesville that we wanted to try before leaving, so all that’s left is to work, work, work to get the money to do all this stuff and still be alive in August to move!

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