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Attn: Uptown dog owners

I like dogs as much as the next girl who doesn’t own one, but I really don’t like some dog owners who feel like their dog’s No. 2 is every else’s problem.

For the last few weeks, we have gotten a special delivery of some dog doo doo on our lawn every other day or so.  And we do not have a dog. Today, I saw the culprit.

A girl was standing in front of our house, talking to a friend and letting her dog do its business as we rounded the corner coming home from a walk. As I rapidly approached her to confront her, she literally turned and speed walked/jogged away.


She clearly does not know me because I proceeded to run around the corner after her and yell in front of multiple onlookers: “NEXT TIME WE WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE YOU PICKING UP YOUR DOG’S POOP!!!” But now at least I know what she looks like. Next time I see her I will personally give her some plastic bags since she apparently doesn’t know where to get them.

It infuriates me – people like that make all the dog owners in my neighborhood who DO pick up their dog’s poop look bad. There are so many dog owners around the neighborhood and almost all of them pick up their dog’s business. This one girl has to ruin it for everyone. Ugh.

Rant complete.


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Let Carnival begin!

Phunny Phorty Phellows on the St. Charles streetcar on Twelfth Night

Last night was Twelfth Night, a.k.a. Kings Day, a.k.a. the official start of the Mardi Gras season in New Orleans.

Wesley and I headed to the Eiffel Society for the Muses party and watched the Phunny Phorty Phellows ride by on the streetcar. The great thing about watching the PPP with the Muses is that they riders went all-out and actually got off of the car to greet people.

At the party, we  had the good – or bad – food experience of trying sausage wrapped in bacon for the first time. It tasted good, but I could feel my arteries clogging after one bite. We also got to have our first bites of King Cake for the season.

I can’t wait for this year’s Mardi Gras line-up; it includes Will Ferrell (my absolute favorite) as the Grand Marshall for Bacchus and Joan Jett headlining at the aMUSEment party! If I get a glimpse of Will Ferrell it will make up for me being the only person in Nola who has never spotted a celebrity in town.

The parades kick off in February with Krewe du Vieux – a personal favorite for me and Wesley. This year’s theme is “Crimes Against Nature” – last year it was a bunch of penises parading down Bourbon, so I can only imagine what this year’s outfits will be.

The same weekend, Muses will have their bead distribution and float viewing party. I can’t wait to get all of the swag I ordered last year and viewing the floats is one of my favorite parts of being a member.

Back in Uptown…

Today we took our bikes in to the shop on Oak Street – finally – and learned that they will be pretty easy and cheap to fix. The guy there was super nice, hopefully this experience is better than our bike-buying experience at Wally World. We also headed to Patisserie for lunch and had some really excellent sandwiches – I really cannot recommend them enough.

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Cooling off and heating up

While the temperature outside has been considerably (and surprisingly) cooler than usual in the past couple of weeks, my activities have been bringing the heat.

If you read my last few posts, you know I’ve been in the kitchen making some bread from scratch. It’s really been an adventure so far. The author of the bread cookbook I’ve been using also has a great blog that is helpful. I’ve made cinnamon rolls, challah bread, white bread, wheat bread and (our favorite) focaccia bread from scratch – and without a blender, all by hand! Spending hours in the kitchen with our gas stove definitely got hot, but that was nothing compared to what I did this weekend. I actually voluntarily went into a super hot room and exercised – those of you who know me will know how unbelievable that is.

Bikram Choudhury, founder of Bikram yoga

It’s called Bikram Yoga. Basically, it’s a form of yoga where you do a series of poses in 105F degree heat. I knew that it did not sound my cup of tea from the get-go, but I also knew I have been having horrible shoulder and neck pain for over a year that will no go away. I have tried muscle relaxers and massages, and I have been popping Advil (PM) every day (and night) for the past year like they were candy. The point behind this heated-up yoga is basically that the muscles stretch better when warm, so I thought this could help.

I do not have a conclusion to this experiment yet, only the experience. When I first walked into the building (at Yoga 108 in Uptown), I immediately realized that it was about 10 degrees hotter inside than the cool 75F outside. And I immediately did not like that lol. It also smelled a little funny…not really horrible, just…off. Then I went to the back yoga room, where the heat was pumping in like a garage with a dryer vent in it. The yoga is a 90-minute series of 26 postures that are the same every single class, everywhere in the world.

[Side note: Coincidentally, this is kind of the reason I love Catholicism and am really inclined to like this new yoga. I love how no matter where you go in the world, the practice is the exact same – just like in the Catholic church, no matter what country you are in the readings are the same. Something you can do repeatedly until it becomes second nature. That is very me – not a fan of change and more comfortable with something when I knew what is coming next.]

Anyways, about 5 minutes in, all we had done was a breathing exercise and I was already sweating my ass off. I could feel waves of heat coming from somewhere above and falling over me, which made simple breathing a difficult task. Not to mention the terrifying sound of everyone’s exhaling. If you have been to Bikram classes, perhaps you know what I’m talking about. As this was my first one, I can only assume they are all like this. Basically, the very first thing in the class was a breathing exercise. When it came time to exhale, everyone in the class threw back their heads and made an awful, demon-like hissing sound. It definitely startled me and maybe that has set my mindset forever, but whenever I heard them all exhaling for the rest of the class I couldn’t help but be a little weirded-out.

I liked the class overall, and the heat actually did not get to me as bad as I thought it would. It really helped that the teacher opened the door a few times to let the cool air from the front office wash over us for a few seconds (you remember, the cool air that was 10 degrees hotter than outside.)

Anyways, by the time I left I was covered in more sweat than I thought my body capable of making. Twenty-four hours later, I can say that I think it might be the beginning of something that could help my shoulders/back in the long run. I can feel my muscles hurting a little in odd places – which the teacher said was normal. I also noticed that my face and body stayed flushed for hours after the class…I don’t know if that is normal from increased blood flood or something, but it was weird. It didn’t hurt or anything, but I kind of looked like I had gotten sun.

Kitten in her Gator gear

In other news, Gator Club has been going well – I’ve been meeting a lot of new people in the area. I also heard about this great website that I’m obsessed with: Gameday Stylist – for the Gator who wants to dress in orange and blue every day but not look weird. Work’s been good too – I went to a mock school shooting last Friday that was really intense. And of course, K’lil has been keeping it real with the Gators!

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Stuffin’ our faces!

Today, Wesley and I went to the Po’Boy Festival on Oak Street in Uptown. One of the best parts about where we live is that we can walk to stuff like this.

There were about as many types of different po’boys as can be imagined. The best part was that we could get “samples,” which were about half of a po’boy for $2 or $3.


Pork cheek po'boy from Emeril's Delmonico

We tried the Confit Pork Cheek Po’Boy with Dirty Rice Aioli and Cole Slaw at the Emeril’s Delmonico booth. We tried a Thanksgiving dinner-themed po’boy that had turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce – it was amazing. We also had an extremely messy garlic-infused roast beef po’boy and fried crawfish balls – my favorite, they’re basically crawfish hush puppies. We finished the festival up with a Nutella and fresh strawberries crepe.


We also got to listen to some live music, including a group of Elvis impersonators that were fun.

Taking it back to Friday, I went to a new thrift shop – well, new for me. It’s called Red White and Blue Thrift Store in Harahan. I have made it a point in my new thrift shopping that I only go to stores that donate to charity. This store’s charity is the Vietnam Veterans of America. So I headed out there after work and it was amazing. There are aisles and aisles of clothes, shoes and accessories. The store is huge and there was so much to choose from at really great prices. I cannot rave about this store enough.

On Saturday I went and saw Morning Glory, a movie I was really excited about. It didn’t let me down – it was super cute and had a happy ending that I loved.

I wanted to wear one of my new thrifty shirts to the movie, so I yanked out this purple tuxedo/military looking one:

Two things I didn’t like about this shirt: the cuffed sleeves (they were too tight) and the tight, buttoned neck.

First things first, I finally got to rip out some shoulder pads!

Next, I decided to just take the bottom part of the sleeves off, making it short-sleeved, since it isn’t that cold outside yet here in Nola.

When I put it on, I left the top few buttons undone, including the huge gold collar button – but I still wasn’t totally satisfied. So I ended up taking the gold button off and I was a lot happier with it.

The final product:


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Gator gathering

NOLA Gator Club at Bruno's to watch the UF/Miami(Ohio) game

Yesterday I went to my first NOLA Gator Club get-together to watch UF beat Miami (Ohio). I wish they would have beat that team by a lot more, but it was still a good time.

So many more people came out than we expected – almost 45!

We only had two tables reserved, but next week we’re going to get an entire back room to decorate for the Gators and a special drink called the “Gator Tail.”

It always astounds me that no matter where I am I see other Gators or people I know from UF. At the game viewing party, I even saw a guy I was knew from the dorms freshman year. Even in my traveling to other countries, I have never gone anywhere without hearing a “Go Gators.” I wonder if other universities are like this or if it is truly something unique to the Gator Nation.

The Gator Nation in Nola will be meeting every Saturday 30 minutes before kickoff at Bruno’s on Maple Street in Uptown.

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I feel like Dory

You know, the blue fish from Finding Nemo? “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming….” Ring a bell? Anyway…

I have so many things I want to get done/make other people do that I feel like I’m just constantly running around or falling short of what I want to accomplish.

None of the items on my  to-do list are extremely time sensitive – they’re just things I would like to see done.

For example, our AC has been broke for almost a week now. It makes a loud squeaking noise only from the hours of midnight to about 6 a.m. — don’t ask me why, I don’t know. And what’s even better is that the repairmen don’t believe me about the noise and therefor do not fix anything even though I have called four times in the past week. I even talked to the head manager (who is like the Wizard of Oz – you never see him but he’s in charge), and he kind of laughed and acted like I was making it up. I’ve been trying to catch the noise on tape but it’s hard to hear with the AC blowing away. Le sigh.

I also constantly called and asking them to maybe clean the broken AC because the massive amount of filth in it could have been the problem, but they never came. So, Wesley and I took the thing apart and I cleaned it out with a toothbrush. Unfortunately, that was not the problem but I’m still glad we’re not breathing that grossness in anymore. Just to re-emphasize a point that I have made throughout this blog: do not rent from Riverlake Properties in New Orleans.

Also, I want to get back on track with reading, but it’s so hard because there are also a lot of tv shows I’m interested in watching on Hulu.

I’m feeling decent on the reading track right now because I just finished The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, which was pretty good, and I’m about 80 pages in to Little Women. I also really want to re-read Eclipse before seeing the movie later this month. But I haven’t read at home in weeks because of me and Wesley’s obsession with Lost. Hopefully that will end soon though because we’re almost done with season 5 out of 6. But now I have started watching Drop Dead Diva (which is just silly but kind of funny) and the Real Housewives of New Jersey (don’t judge me!). Thank goodness that Glee, SNL and Parenthood finally had their finales – I’m sad to not see more but I’m glad to have that extra time now.

And exercising?! Forget about it. I don’t even really want to do that, which makes it even more hard to convince myself that it should be a priority. On the flip side, though, I have started packing my own lunches and they’re turning out pretty health (usually celery w/ peanut butter, fruit, cheese and crackers, two Snackwell cookies and some other random thing).

 That’s all the ranting I can do right now, but keep an eye open for Wesley’s guest post about what’s going on in the college football world right now!

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An afternoon drive around Uptown

First off, I’m psychic.

Yesterday, Wesley and I called about 20 places looking for a Wii Fit Plus with a balance board before giving up (because they were all out of stock) and just Google searching places to call in the morning.

Then, last night I dreamt that there were Wii Fit Pluses in stock at the Wal-Mart on Tchoupitoulas. When we called them this morning – they did.

So after picking that up this morning, we decided to go for a drive with my film camera and get to know our neighborhood a little better.

This was purely an observational mission, but some of the types of places I didn’t realize were in Uptown: a monastery, many historic-looking schools and some type of factory, to name a few.

We also ran into some interesting buildings, such as a bar with crazy signs on it (see picture) and a very ironic run-down architectural school.

See pictures below for some of the best sights from our drive. Enjoy!

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